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Karen and I (Mark) first met back in 78/79 through friends they knew and one spring day at a motor cycle scramble, I finally plucked up the courage to ask Karen out but at that moment a crash on the course happened and we kind of went in different directions and that seemed to be the end of that. We never saw each other again until a chance meeting in 1993 when we bumped into each other and Karen said yes – well some things just take a bit of thinking about! Been together ever since and got married in 1996.

I used to sail with my dad and brother in a Pioneer Puffin, small single sailed dingy which we took on every family holiday we had as young children, then nothing until I took our children for a half day sail in the lake district in 2003. That reminded me how much I missed being on the water, it was great. Took a dingy course and back then it seemed a dream to get something of our own.  We took our family holidays in Poole, on in and around the water for the best part of fourteen years and always managed to find a reason to take everyone round the marina’s and boat yards and say “one day we could have something like this”  I don’t think anyone believed we would.

In between working, being the perfect mother to the four children, the love of my life and keeping me right, running the house and looking after her parents I can’t remember, even on our holidays, Karen saying “I can’t wait to go out in one of those, get water in my face, be freezing cold and come back looking like we have been dragged through a hedge backwards” so I guess she did this for me. The great thing is that Karen has got the sailing bug, and over the years it has gone from a hobby to a life style.

We are the crew on board and so we both do everything from the first slip of the lines until tie up again. There are some things that Karen does let me do by myself, such as picking up sea mooring lines of remote bouys and of course, washing the boat. As the goal is to go blue water cruising then we had to start with us both being able to do it all including the routine maintenance.
We both work in the Health service and have very busy jobs and the sailing and marina life offer the perfect balance

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