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Early days, so we are doing nothing other than learning the boat and improving our sailing skills. We have a great berth in Whitehaven, perfect for the boat however it takes a bit of getting in and out so what a learning curve and we have to go through a lock too, so we double our launch and recovery every time we slip the ropes.

I think that while nothing beats experience it is good to have some training too. As we started with a speed boat in 2005 I took the RYA L1&2 powerboat course at the Galloway Sailing Centre in Loch Ken.  Also got the ICC as a by product of the course.
Then when we thought we were going to upgrade I did the shore based day skipper and coastal theory courses at Ulswater Community College with Roy Harding, a true legend of a teacher and sailor.
During the shore based theory courses I also took the day skipper and coastal skipper practical with Second Wind motor cruising.
then came the DSC radio course – we have all done this, again with Roy, this time it was at Maryport marina – pretty crucial if it all goes wrong, and  the sea survival at Fleetwood, don’t go for one of these in a swimming pool, do go for one that gears up for the professionals, it is a wild gig.
Then when we moved to sail, back to the day skipper and coastal skipper practical with second wind sailing – they have many strings on their bow.
Where next, sea miles, couple of holidays cruising on the boat to build up miles and ports then Yachtmaster Ocean before we contemplate anything too huge.
Still need to get a few more things for the next few years on the boat cruising the coastal waters before we start on the bits for long term blue water cruising. Last course will be the long range VHF, but by then satalite phones may be more common place and this won’t be necessary.
We would like you to join us as we learn over the next ten seasons before and continue with us as we live the dream in 2021
Mark and Karen

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