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Troon is 65 nMiles from Bangor so we used the tides to make the journey up the Clyde as quick as possible. Troon marina has good access but don’t cut the corner with low water or you will end up on an outcrop of rocks. Entry is via the commercial part of the marina so you have to watch for the fishing fleet and other craft using it and when we were there, a lot of logging  being moved. Spotted some Purposes on the way in but weren't quick enough with the camera.

A great thing about being in a large marina is the chance to wander the pontoons and look at all the different boats people get such pleasure from.
Here in Troon there were some stunning classic wooden yachts that must take an incredible amount of time to keep them looking as good as they did.
The marina also boasts a fabulous restaurant, Scotts, and this has to be high on the list of must do’s if you come here. Follow the link for the website.

Troon also has a great bay which goes round towards Prestwick, good place for a picnic and a paddle. Having spent a couple of nights here we were starting to get a bit wrestles as one of the down sides of the visitors berths are they are next to the ferry which comes in about 23:00 and loads up before departing about 02:30 so we decided to head back to Bangor.

Fabulous early start, slipped the lines about half thee in the morning and slotted in a line of trawlers heading out. Very strange to turn around and see a huge bow towering above you.
We took the safe line out towards the deep water marker while the trawlers all took a much tighter line, local knowledge counts for a lot and we were not going to take the chance.
Watched the sun rise and had a great sail back to Ireland.

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