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Now this is an interesting concept, take 190 very, very rich people and place them in absolute luxury and sail the world. It must be like staying in your home and watching the world go by. The World had a couple of days of Whitehaven and nearly everyone on board had some shore time in the town. You can just make out one of the two tenders that were shuttling back and forth, they can take 40+ people plus crew and has two decks seemed to be about 13 metres, twin engines and looked like the shuttle craft from Star Trek 1.
Our tender is 2.4 metres and takes two powered by a pair of oars.

When I first told Karen that I wanted us to sail around the world she thought I was mad, now, one year in we are far more confident with the boat and on this trip out we definitely sailed around “The World”.
Good to know Karen is still up for going around a bigger world too.
I’m sure it is absolutely fantastic, but it wouldn’t be our thing. We like to chose where we go and who we go with.

We were off for a day sail, however a lot of the yachts and power boats from the Marina popped out to ‘go around The World’ which was great to see. At one point we saw over 20 yachts out (we were miles away which is why there is no photograph). Here Hijera is in shot. Hijera a stunning catamaran that is gearing up to its head off into the blue yonder. Wishing them good tides and fair winds

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