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Well, you have to have an aim, so we are planning for the day we slip the ropes for the start of what we hope will of a few years of our time exploring places we have read about and watched others visiting in far off places.
Why not now? four wonderful children and a grandchild who are all growing (grown) up really fast and elderly parents that need some support in their sunset years, and of course work commitments.
We haven’t got an itinerary really, and like many before us we would like to explore the south pacific islands somewhere along the way.
Definitely time around the Mediterranean, perhaps all of the first season then cross the Atlantic with the 2021 ARC, winter in the Caribbean  before heading north in the spring to follow the thaw up so we can sail into New York. Spend the summer sailing down the east coast and back to the Caribbean. Next big decision through the Panama canal or round the cape – that will be through the canal then.
Cross the pacific to the French Polynesians , thinking about that southern ocean tattoo, Samoa, Tonga then NZ. Got some friends to look up here, it will be one long time since we last saw them.
Then a big decision – Asia or Hawaii and west cost of America. If the current piracy activity continues in the Indian Ocean our decision will be made.
Or we could just end up inPort Vell and never leave.

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