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Like most of our cooking we don’t measure it out, we don’t think it is all a science. Karen makes this so well I never try to do it, well I did once and everyone said it 'was nice but', I know when I am out cooked and it is so hearty and warming when she makes it.
We buy trimmed stewing steak – how much, well a couple of kilo I suppose. Put it in a bag with flour and give it all a good shake to cover all the pieces of meat.
Big pan with a bit of oil and fry in batches, not too much meat at a time or the pan will lose its heat, and transfer to a slow cooker.
Chop some shallots into slices and peel  ten or so and pop them in as well.
Stock, how much, enough to cover everything! Then cover up and leave for as long as it takes, overnight usually. This means you wake up to a kitchen that has this gorgeous aroma of stew.
What do you fancy with this, dumplings – pop in an hour or so before cooking, or how about some nice small potatoes, these need to be quite firm and not fall apart so we would use charlotte potatoes or mash and serve up with some fresh greens too.
Last few times we have had this while at anchor we didn’t bother with anything else.
Which wine, well I would recommend the Pinot Noir with this meal. This wine has a beautiful red and violet colour. Aromas of berries, black cherries, sweet fruits, mixed with hints of toasty oak. Soft ripe fruits with fine tannins give a rich texture on the palate. This wine is a great match with all red and white meats, as well as mature cheeses.

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