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Not quite a full English.
If time allows how about the traditional English breakfast with one rule – no more than two pans from start to finish.
Eggs – farm fresh free range of course
Bacon – air cured keeps for ages
Sausages – local butchers pork or supermarket, whatever you like
Beans – if you can get them try Branston
Mushrooms - just a couple will do nicely.

Ever had pancakes for breakfast, better on a calm day for these. When I was thinking about this, we have never measured anything for these, so I start with
Couple of fresh eggs
Plain flour
Milk (semi skimmed)
And make a smooth mix, bit of oil in the pan and done. I don’t let the mix stand. If your used to making pancakes, do what you normally do but pop an extra egg in.
Serve with lemon a sugar, rolled of course

In the marina we cheat, opposite the entrance is Anna's.
Why would you make something on board when they do everything you could possibly want have for Breakfast, or even any meal through the day.
Look them up on the web, so when you visit Whitehaven you know you'll have a great start to you day.

If we’re eating below and its calm enough we usually have fresh orange on board and will make a cafietier of fresh coffee, anything else and its instant coffee and a mug of tea on top in our mugs with lids. Keep the hot drinks flowing all day when it’s cold and wet, and cool water or whatever on the rare days the sun is shining over the Irish sea.

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