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We decided that we would use the existing cable runs where ever possible. So having removed the shore power cable completely and isolated the batteries we started to pull the required wiring in. The inverter will provide all mains power so we disconnected the boat feed from the ELCB in the stern  and connected this to the output of the XTMand the used a new cable to link the ELCB to the input of the XTM – mains part complete.

We then ran all the control cables from the nave station (three in total), they follow the route aft on the port side and under the floor in the rear port locker, over the fuel tank and into the space where the Extender is located. One goes to the XTM and two go into the battery space, these provide control function of the XTM and battery monitoring. One additional cable was required from the battery to the XTM. You can see one of the 70mm DC tails on the left with the connector taped up, these size of cable near large batteries have to be treated with respect and all remained taped until connection.

The DC wiring is straight forward but you have to be careful!! We have a twin parallel battery arrangement so positive is connected to one battery and negative to the other via a new shunt. Battery temperature is monitored by the XTM and by the battery monitor we installed. The very last connection is the negative from the battery to the shunt.

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