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Logs > Previous years > 2016 > June and July > Bangor to Whitehaven
And what was that all about then, we had eight hours of sheer hell on the hook (good title for a book) and then you get up to flat calm and the sun pretending to come out. I think there is a bit of blue sky poking it nose out there.
Anyway, no time to wait as the main depression is approaching and we need to be tied up in Whitehaven before that one arrives as the sea state is going to be quite rough.
When we pass the Bahama Buoy we know we are half way there, and although there was only a large swell on the crossing it was still good news as the swell was just at the right angle not to be nice, oh well, that’s sailing for you.
Coming in a couple of the other boats had heard us in the radio and came to catch lines, which was very nice. “rough night” was the first words they said, how nice to know that we would be exhausted and they came to help. What a fabulous community it can be.
Tied up and the next day we washed and scrubbed and polished everything - first time we have seen the sun too.
Time to relax, and pour a nice glass of ConoSur wine, we deserved it, just as the rain and wind started.
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