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Mushroom soup is something we make at home and take on board for a quick launch and easy lunch at sea. It will keep for a couple of days in a sealed container but is always best served with fresh crusty bread, so take some part cooked bread away with you too which only needs ten minutes in the oven while you warm the soup through.
I don’t usually cook to measures, but try to keep close to this
275g of mushrooms
1 medium onion (chopped nice and fine)
Couple of garlic cloves (chopped nice and fine too)
25 g of good heart stopping butter
Pint and half of good veg stock
7-10oz of single cream
SnP to taste
First get a big pan on a low heat, bang the butter in and as it starts to melt put in the onion and garlic, turn up to a medium heat and get everything changing colour. Pop the mushrooms in, stir and cover all the mushrooms with the butter, onion and garlic – little bit of stock to stop anything catching, cover, stir a couple of times and leave with the lid on for ten minutes. Mmmmm smells yummy already. Put the rest of the stock in, add the Salt and Pepper, and simmer for 30 minutes. Blend up with your blender.

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