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We were both very busy in October and had to leave the whole process to the Marina, and as we were not going to be able to get down we asked if they could take a few photos. Well, they took nearly 100!. We had forgot how far it is looking down on the boat!
It only takes a couple of minutes and up she pops at eye level. Not looking bad at all so the same anti foul will be going back on.

ConoSur looks huge out of the water when you see the people underneath.
Prop anode had just about been eaten away but the larger pear anode had a lot left showing the galvanic process was working as it should and all the expensive bits in the water are being well protected.
You can just make out a small bit of gell coat missing above the rear bolt. Odd, but easily fixed.

Nothing like a good pressure washer with high pressure and large volume of water to cut through the grime.
There was no build up of anything, just a coating of slimy sludge.
And the repair on the gell coat looks good too.

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