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Leek and potato, simple and satisfying and soooo easy to make.
Top and tail four good sized (organic) leaks and chop into 1” pieces, peal two or three cloves of garlic and pop into a pan with a good spoonful of butter on a low heat and cover. Only about five minutes until the leeks soften a bit, garlic will be smelling really good about now.
Put a couple of pints of vegetable stock into the pan and some seasoning (we only use pepper)
Peel three or four good sized potato’s and put them into the pan (while), bring the stick to boil then turn down to simmer and go and do something for 20 minutes.
Check the potatoes are cooked through and carefully lift two of them out.
Blitz the rest with a blender, too runny then put one of the potatoes back in and blitz, still to runny put the other one in and blitz, still too runny? Cook more potatoes next time.
Add a tub of single cream (7oz is what we usually add), mix through.
Soup done
Will keep a couple of days in the fridge or cool box in a sealed container.
Heat through on the boat (not boil) and serve with a warm roll for a happy crew.

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