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June took over from where May had left off with more bad weather as a series of depressions battered the West coast of Cumbria. We managed one trip out and were joined by some friends. All went well until a particularly nasty squall broke a couple of the sail guides (now that is a blow). At least in June there was the festival to look forward to.

A couple of larger fishin boats were in the commercial marina, they were rigged for trawling the sea bed and this is really death from above as nothing is left behind. We should find more sustainable ways of fishing.

The Whitehaven festival is over three days, and true to June’s weather it was wet and windy and without sunshine. We were particularly pleased to see that the Sea Cadets were giving people a chance to get out on the water in a laser dingy, which is a great way to start to learn.
During the festival a lot of the boats are decorated with flags and bunting, which makes the marina very special, however one boat went a whole lot further this year and turned their cruiser into a Viking long boat. We can’t wait to see what this inspires for next year!
Perhaps July will be better.

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