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July and August 2010 have been a bit of a washout. High tides during springs wih a very low, low pressure front pushed the sea over the storm defences, fortunately we didn’t have high winds too. Managed a weekend sail with Sarah and Jamie, it was supposed to be the height of summer but they look well wrapped up.

What a difference a week makes, even in the height of summer. Here I am on what could be a grey autumnal weekend, sunshine and showers as our weather report often says. Week later brilliant sunshine. Irish sea is always an interesting place to sail, hopefully it will prepare us for much bigger seas in far off places. Marks really getting into the groove these days, while we don’t do the racing thing I think he has seen a challenge ahead.

Sailing is such a pleasure whether its just Karen and me, or out with friends. I was really pleased when Jonathan came along for his first sail with us. Perhaps he should come more often as we had fantastic weather that day, next time we will all use sun cream. I think Jonathan hears the call of open sea here too, looking forward to our next sail out. One of those days where the wind was around where we should have reefed, but sometimes its just too much fun not to reef. We should have been really fit given the number of times we had the genoa out and back in.

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