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2016 and a new start to the year, we were hoping from a break from the last three years getting over Karen’s cancer and all the operations. Unfortunately the break came in the form of a broken arm, not just any broken arm but broken in seven places.
That meant another trip into theatre for pins, plates, screws and wires to put it all back into a normal looking kind of shape.
We still need to keep the boat in tip top condition so I am doing all the preparation ready for the lift out in February
Some huge storms hit the west coast and the tent suffered some minor damage so today I took it off to send away for the repairs.
I think that ConoSur looks ready for the season even without all the planned maintenance completed.
More pics next month as we lift and prep ConoSur, this year is going to be interesting as we need to drop the backstay and be lifted astern first.
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