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Logs > Previous years > 2016 > June and July > Troon delivery
We are having a shorter sailing holiday this year, so we decided to deliver ConoSur to Troon the weekend before our holidays.
Best way was to sail overnight and do the 120 miles in a single hop.
Forecast was for little wind and a flat sea, so we filled the diesel tanks and set off into quite a nice evening. As we left the marina it was clear that there was enough wind to get the flappy bits up and within minutes it was gusting 25knts+ - we were going to be in for quite a lively early sail. Excellent.
Down side was the wind direction was over the tide, so it got quite big quite quickly – the joys of Irish Sea sailing.
The sea state slowly got worse overnight as we ran into an Altantic swell that stayed with us until we were sheltered by Isla Craig, some 17 hours after slipping the lines.
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