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I don’t know why these are not installed as standard on any boat that has shore power, they are quite easy to install and help slow down galvanic corrosion when you are in a marina. This is what I did, however always follow the manufacturer instructions.
I used a product from Safeshore, however there are plenty of suppliers for you to select from. The kit came with everything you need and a good set of easy to follow instructions.
You will have to decide whether to crimp or solder the lugs and apart from that you need a screwdriver, sharp knife, electricians wire cutters and some insulation tape.

You need to select a suitable location for the isolator. It does need to be mounted on some wood rather than direct to any part of the hull as under fault conditions it can get hot. It is very important also to place the isolator between the shore power plug and any part of the yacht wiring. On ConoSur the cable is easily identified and a suitable location is above the main breakers. Take care when mounting as the other side of the wood is the aft berth – you don’t want a set of screws as a new wall feature!!

Disconnect your shore power at both ends, you don’t want some kind sole reconnecting your unplugged shore power while your down a hatch with a cable in your hand.
Install the galvanic isolator (four screws). It does not matter which way round these are installed,
Carefully cut the cable cover without damaging any of the insulation around any of the wires. Peel out the earth cable (ours is green and yellow)  and cut the earth wire and trim to put the lugs on with either a crimp or solder.
Connect them to the galvanic isolator and ensure connections are tight.

I wrapped the cable with good quality insulation tape to keep things neat,  and it is as simple as that.
There are some tests that you will need to do using an electrical test meter and your done.

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