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The galley layout on the Oceanis 43 was one of the reasons we selected the boat. Like all boats of this size, well all boats really, everything is a compromise. So more space here means less space somewhere else. What we were looking for was the galley to be directly below the companionway. It had to be L shaped and offer somewhere you could easily ‘wedge’ yourself if it was a bit rough.
The option we chose gives us a front opening fridge with small freezer, a top opening fridge which I hope to convert to a freezer, double burner stove with grill and oven (which as a personality all of its own), microwave, double sink with a seawater pump too. There is enough space to pop out a meal for six without a too much juggling.
As with everything on the boat who does what doesn’t matter, so we both are comfortable at sea preparing food and drinks.
On rough days we don’t look to cook meals but you do need a steady flow of hot drinks and the ability to put something quick and easy together.

In the marina you can generally have a more relaxed meal, whether eating below or on deck. We took the option for the saloon table that ‘swivels and opens’ which is great when there is just the two of us or opens up to five easily or a tight six.
There is a separate stool so you can seat all around the table. Although the stool has a locating pin when underway it took about a minute to realise the best place for it was wedged between the table legs.
Off watch and in rougher weather the best bunk is in the saloon using the table as the Lee cloth that I will one day get round to rigging.

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