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Having discussed with Penguin marine refrigeration we decided that the compressor for our refrigerated plate in the cool box could run a larger cooling plate we decided to convert this to a full -22 degree freezer, a further modification is required when we lift next to install a keel cooler (see pt2). We disconnected the self sealing pipe work from the compressor and removed the plate and old thermostat. Ensuring that we pulled the new stat sensor through while removing the old. Using an electricians ‘fish’ we pulled the new pipe work through to the compressor. Not quite as easy as it sounds so after a day of pulling, pushing and scraping against sharp things it was all connected.

The pre bent plate supplied by Penguin fitted perfectly and following their recommendation we fitted the optional speed controller to the compressor. We then resealed all the holes left by the old plate and switched on, Checked the power consumption and it is the same and the compressor on/off cycle seems to be the same too – what a result. It will be further improved by the keel cooler too.

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