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While we go out all year we know that September is nearly the end of the season for most. This year the rest of the month is also quite busy with Kelsie and Sarah heading back to university and I am going sailing for a week with Second Wind. So the first weekend we got up early al left on the early morning tide to come back on the afternoon tide.
We left on the rise of the morning tide and on the fall of the tide the last race of the season was going to leave, hopefully we will be able to watch the end when we returned.
It might have been sunny but there was an autumnal chill to the air, so wrapped up and lots of tea to keep us warm. Had a great sail up to Maryport where we ‘heaved to’ and had some lunch before heading back watching the race. They were quite a long way behind so no pics as we could only watch them through the bini’s.
On the way back the electric winch packed in, no problem as it works manually but it will be something to fix next weekend. It looks like the solenoid is sticking, not the easiest thing to get at!
So no sailing next weekend, and that’s this month gone
Planning to lift the boat in October as she will have been in the water since last July for a clean, antifoul and replace anodes. This will be an important inspection as we will be able to judge how often we need to do this by the wear on the antifoul and anodes.

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