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A very rare day indeed during the Whitehaven festival in 2011, when Jean Christophe Novelli was presenting master class cookery lessons. This was a great opportunity to ‘get up close’ to a Mitchlin starred chief, even better when later in the day he was presenting an award in the marina. I have to say the guy is very approachable and was very happy to stop and chat to us as he passed, Karen ad a few photo’s and he came aboard ConoSur for a look around.
We chatted about sailing and the connection of the name to winery. All over and done in ten minutes but hey, what a picture and memory.

The Whitehaven festival is a great local celebration, it used to be called the Maritime Festival a few years ago but for some reason they had to drop the ‘Maritime’ label although it is really the same. It is a good time to get the everyone together and relax onboard. We had recently changed all the under cabinet lighting to Blue LED lights and this really looked good as a backdrop to the various Cono Sur wines that we were providing for guests over the weekend

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