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We decided to have all the controls by the navigation station. Measured twice before cutting once, taking all necessary eye protection seriously. As we were using a jig saw with an upward cutting blade all cuts were done from the inside of the cupboard.

We installed the remote control panel RCC-03 and the battery monitor SBM-02 which gives the maximum information. The RCC-03 has a single preformed connector whereas the SBM has a six core cable that requires careful termination at both ends, we opted for the additional temperature sensor which comes with reformed connector too.
We mounted the remote command module RCM-10 with the main isolator switched and opted for both inverter inhibit and unit shutdown switches

We connected the temperature sensor BTS-01 to one of the batteries and this has preformed cables which linked to the XTS, the other temperature sensor from the SMB-02 connected to one of the battery positive terminals. Mains reconnected and then using the start up sequence  (which must be followed) all fired up first time. Batteries now charge in silence and we have 240v all the time.

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