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“Lets go out for a few hours” I suggested, ”it won’t be that cold when we get out there”. I also recognise that look of “if I wasn’t frozen to this wheel you would be in so much bother”.
But we haven’t done anything serious for a couple of months because of the bad (seasonal) weather and its easy to slip out of ‘being in the groove’ and working together just knowing what to do. Especially around the sea lock as it is pretty unforgiving to those who get it wrong.
We know that you take your chances sailing in the Irish sea in April and it can change so quickly too but for a few hours the window looked too good to miss. So we locked out and in and tacked and gybed no-where in particular in the general direction of the Workington west cardinal buoy but everything seemed to work fine and we even managed a brew too (typical English) so we are all set up for the season ahead.
Sails all set well with no damage over the winter season showing. A lot of people in the marina take their sails off the boat over winter and this is something we may consider next year but it does mean on that nice crisp day you can’t pop out like I did with my first solo sail, which was more about launching and recovering to the berth but hey, when your out there you may as well get a sail (genoa in this case) out.
Hopefully I will have got all the school boy errors out of the way on this trip, such as remembering the lines pull a lot easier when released from the jammers! No damage or danger with anything and we were back to normal before we left the commercial marina and entered the sea lock.
I know I was being really lazy tying the bimini back with some line rather than putting the sock on, my excuse was that if it started to rain it would have been quicker to deploy
St Bees head means nearly home, the lock to go through, two marina's and another stern to mooring. All good practice no matter when you do them.

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