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Cooking on board should be easy, here is another quick hearty meal that can be made in four steps plus what ever you wish to serve.
Its very scalable so just adjust (given that we don’t measure) the rough portions as required. For the two of us
Step 1. A Large pan with a lid, chop a medium sized onion and two or three cloves of garlic, oil the pan and pop this into it on a medium heat with a generous portion of tarragon and let it cook through a bit.
Step 2. Turn the heat up and put in a couple of good sized chicken breasts, cut as big or as small as you like. Keep turning them until they are fully coloured - chicken just gone into the pan in the picture.
Step 3. Add a couple of glasses of dry martini and stir everything up, turn down to a medium heat and pop the lid on – stir occasionally. This is fine for 10 – 20 minutes while you prepare whatever your going to have with this and relax. We usually have rice and some green beans for a it of colour.
Step 4. Check the chicken is cooked then add a small (for two of us) carton of single fresh cream and heat through until the creamy sauce has thickened a little.
Serve it up with some more tarragon sprinkled on top

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