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We run the engine and test the dock and go and bow thrusters regularly,  however one weekend in May there was a horrible noise from the bow thrusters and then a whine where something had broken.
I took the motor out which all tested ok which meant it was either the gearbox or blades problem. Both of which are below the water line so it meant an early lift.
Always a bit of a worry lifting and launching, especially in a windy marina without the bow thrusters!
And there it is, or rather isn’t – all the blades missing.
Once out the hull was scrubbed and the prop cleaned which had a worm growth, comes off easily enough but does disrupt the water flow across the blades.
It attaches itself to all things metal, including the anodes.
22 months after launch and the hull needed no more than a quick pressure wash, not sure what was used for anti foul but it works - need to order some more!
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