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The after market bimini came from Tecsew, very comprehensive kit. Here are the main connectors that mount on the deck and pushpit as well as the smaller set of bars. There are another three full width bars and all covers out of shot.

Measure everything at least twice before fixing anything. Here the feet of the Bimini are measured from the end of the toe rail for a rough guide before an accurate measurement from the rigging fixings.

After drilling the holes with a suitable sized bit you need to countersink them. This has two functions, it helps prevent the gel coat from splitting gives the sealant a better chance of working. Tip, do not use a new countersink. This looks close to the jammer, however this is fine as the bars go outside the safety wires.

The main static fixings are on the pushpit rails, the aft fittings are measured whereas the side fittings have an element of flexibility to their location and angle. Once these are installed you can start adding the rear bars then the main arches.

Once the main bars are all in place you can fit the main cover over the front and rear bar. We then had a third bar to fit which attached to the rear bar too. The to the webbing straps on the coach roof.

It is important the bridge and the strap align or the strap will move on the bar or exert uneven pressure on the bridge. Drill, countersink and seal as before. Before you drill, make sure the strap does not foul the spray hood.

And that is it completed. We also have sides and a rear panel that can be zipped in, not a tent though, these only come down about 18” for some added protection if needed. It all folds back and has a good bag to keep the elements at bay.

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